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9 Serious Mistakes Can Shorten Your Pets’ Lives

Many people have a big tendency to their pets and strive to give excellent care of them. However, we frequently make mistakes as a result of our ignorance of the proper information. Incorrect care will lead to crucial consequences as maladies and plenty of stress for both owner and animal.

We at Pets-Post truly love animals, thus we have decided to search out which mistakes pet house owners make frequently.

Mistake N°I: Feeding cats with meat and dry food at the same time

Since the first day, you must opt for what you’re about to feed your cat — natural food or dry pet food. If you choose to feed the cat both, it will have a negative result on the digestive tract. If you opt for natural food, you must consult a knowledgeable vet on the menu of foods you can be able to feed them. If you opt for natural food, you must consult a knowledgeable vet on the menu of foods you can be able to feed them. Don’t ever forget to vary their water a minimum of once daily. It’s essential to keep your cat hydrated.

If you prefer tinned or dry cats food, look closer and read carefully the ingredients before choosing the brand. It’s great if the flavoring agents, GMOs, and corn are not included in the food.

If you favor natural food, opt for solely the recommended foods for cats:

  •  fat-free (or low-fat) milk products;
  • stewed or raw meat ( chicken, beef/veal, turkey);
  • boneless boiled sea fish, not more than two times a week;
  • boiled egg yolks (quail — three, chicken — one) — not more than once every week.

Forbidden Foods for cats:

  • kinds of fatty meat (lamb, pork) will injury the liver of the cat’s;
  • fatty or riverine fish — can infect your cat with parasites;
  • onions, sweets, salt, and alcohol.

Mistake N°II: Allowing cats to sit by the window

Image par ggirl144 de Pixabay
Image par Irina_kukuts de Pixabay

Most cats follow their nature and jump right out of the open windows, attempting to catch birds. Solely a few of these cats fall down without inflicting harm to themselves, where most of them can easily fracture their spines, paws, or maybe die.

Mistake N°III: Neglecting the regular vet visits

Image par David Mark de Pixabay Image par Free-Photos de Pixabay

You should not neglect the normal vet visits in order to avoid maladies or notice them and treat them if it exists. you ought to get your cat immunized for the prevailing diseases — in this fashion, you’ll protect both thyself and the cat too. Once you visit the veterinarian, be sure you registred your pet to obtain its ID — this is often the most essential paper of its life.

Mistake N°IV: Refusing sterilization the pet out of pity

Owners typically feel pity and fear toward their pets and avoid to neuter and spay them, as they worry concerning their well-being and health. However, those surgeries are performed with heavily sedated. Sterilization does not create any side or negative effects on the safety of the pets — they really ensure a healthy and long life.

The sole thing you must be careful about is weight gain after these surgeries. But once you neuter or unsex your pet, you avoid issues like surprising pregnancy, screaming, and unexpected pee in your housing.

Mistake N°V: Neglecting brushing fur and teeth

Ideally, your cat and your dog must get a mouth examined a minimum of once a year, particularly if you detect a foul smell. Also, you should buy a special toothpaste and toothbrush at the pet stores for both your cat and your dog.

Moreover, you should know the foundations to take care of your cat’s fur. the rules differ by breed: for instance, hairless cats ought to be washed most of the time, cats with long fur ought to be brushed typically, and ones with short fur don’t need maximum care, Also, a minimum of once each six months, all of them ought to be washed with particular shampoos to kill parasites.

You should take care adequately of your cat’s fur to prevent your cat get skin diseases.

Mistake N°VI: Feeding your dog from your food table

All vets, without exception, agree that giving dogs food from our tables is a grievous error because the dog’s gullet and stomach are entirely different than those that we have and the gastric fluids are different too.

The dogs’ gastrointestinal system can’t afford the majority of the foods we tend to eat.

A correct diet for dogs ought to comprise food that does not need any heat treatment — principally consisting of raw meat, milk products, and other foods like kidneys and heart. Also, a few unsweet fruits and all vegetables are allowed.

Mistake N°VII: Washing the dog’s head first

Washing your pet is an essential step but you should know that it’s not advisable to wash your dogs according to a fixed schedule, it is preferable to do it just when the dog be dirty.

You should never wash the dog’s head at the very first of the shower because the dog will surely get cold due to the wet head and start shivering.

Mistake N°VIII: Not granting a dog enough love and attention

Dogs are very social and companion animals in contrast to “independent” cats. They love communication with people and other dogs too. Exactly like us, all dogs require social adaptation so as to develop their character and personality in the proper way, otherwise, this pet could soon become facilely frightened, disobedient and aggressive.

Granting ample time to communicate with your dog, will facilitate its physical, emotional, and social development.

What do you think?

Written by SEDDAK Ikram

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