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10 Myths About Caring Pet Are Erroneous 100%

Image par André Santana de Pixabay

According to statistics, 57% of families around the world raise a pet, where each one of these families attempts to give the animal the best care and attention is possible. We make continuously terrible mistakes because of myths rooted and misbeliefs.
We at Pets-Post have collected the most harmful myths for your pet and corrected the popular errors that exist.

Myth N° 1: Only puppies can be coached

Actually, dogs can be coached in all their age groups, if you are patient enough, properly inspire and motivate them as much as possible, and apply the maximum hard possible exercises with them.

Are you know CHASER? the most intelligent dog in the world, who has reached a senior-level and was continued to learn new movements even at its advanced age.

Myth N° 2: Feeding your pet’s just dry or just wet food

Can you eat the same meal, three straight times, each day? Surely you wouldn’t be fond of this very much, The same applied to your pet. As long as the food provided to your animal is high-quality, then the diversification doesn’t pose any risk but rather it provided higher and healthy nutrition.

Furthermore, all vets say that providing the same nourishment every day to your pets will cause the event of sensitivities to a set of proteins.

Myth N°3: Circular glass bowls are good for fish !!!

Even though the very fact that raising fish in circular glass bowls is very common, but these small bowls don’t contain a considerable amount of water which makes fish uncomfortable.

Additionally, the small inside space doesn’t grant enough oxygen (O2) for fish, which is very essential for them.

If you wish to own a fish, an oblong or sq tank will be the best choice because of the large inside volume.

Myth N°4: Kitten needs milk

© JordanHoliday/ Pixabay ©Google

Because of popular misbeliefs, most people believe that cats’ preferable food is milk, but the truth is that this animal has not the ability to digest the lactose in cows’ milk.
For your kitten, higher milk consumption leads to diarrhea, vomiting, and other intestinal problems. vets justify these problems by the huge quantity of calories contained in milk which a kitten doesn’t need per day.

Myth N°5: You can’t sleep beside your pet

In spite of the common belief, but sleeping beside your companion in the same bed won’t cause any problems if both you and your dog each healthy.

Additionally, studies show that it’s fully safe and not dangerous at all for your health and will help you more to relax, so spend the maximum amount of time together with your dog as you would like.

Myth N°6: All parrots can be coached to speak

It is surely true that the majority of parrots have the aptitude to speak. But, some varieties can’t. That’s why you could waste uncounted hours learning your pet bird to talk, however, you will eventually fail.
thus it’s very essential to search and confirm if your parrot can be able to talk in the least. Some parrots can pronounce a few words, whereas others have the ability to speak 24 hours a day and know a huge vocabulary.

Myth N°7: Licking wounds accelerates the healing process

Licking wounds recursively leads to slows down the process of healing rather than accelerating it up. In reality, a large percentage of wounds that are licked too much, face the risk of irritations and infection.

Most vets recommend using disinfectant sprays to sterilize the minor wounds or visiting doctors in the case of deep wounds.

Myth N°8: Boosting the vaccination annually are obligatory for cats and dogs

© Pixabay

Vaccinations are very essential for your pet’s health. But, it’s not required to revaccinate your companion’s each year. Analysis has shown that just one vaccination for distemper, panleukopenia, and parvovirus ends in semipermanent protection from the maladies.

You can detect if your animals’ blood contains sufficient antibodies to resist infections by an easy blood test. Therefore the next time your vet urges on a booster dose, you can demand them to make the blood test first.

Myth N°9: All human food is healthy for your pet

You should know that not all the food on your table can be healthful for your pet; just some healthy leftovers can be a perfect supplement to your animal’s nourishment and they mustn’t eat any junk food.

Furthermore, some kinds of foods are completely healthy for us but they cause serious intestinal hurt to your pets as avocados, onions, grapes, and garlic.

Myth 10: If your dog’s nose is warm, it means that your dog is ill

© Pixabay

In reality, there’s no proof that the temperature of our dog’s nose may be of any benefit in diagnostics. This rise in temperature varies because of various factors: genetics, or maybe temperature fluctuations throughout the day.

To be sure that your dog’s health is good or not, you should give increased attention to their movement and behaviors, and also the way they drink, eat and urinate. And, of course, assess the dog’s temperature using the thermometer.

What do you think?

Written by SEDDAK Ikram

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