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10 Imperial Dogs That Can Cost You An Entire Fortune

A wide range of factors determines the value of certain dogs and make it often extremely high-priced. These encompass the scarcity of the breed, also if the dog holds awards and titles, its state of health, and its physical appearance.

We at Pets-Post very interested to figure out how much can expensive the most luxurious breeds of dogs in the world. It’s very hard to put one at the top, but you will get rich ideas from the subsequent list.

1/- Bichon Frise

Image par Joyce McCombs de Pixabay

This mini decorative breed originated in France, first surfaced numerous hundred years ago. The dog Bichon Frise is so cheerful and intelligent partner and estimated at about $500 to $1,500.

2/- Siberian Husky

Image par MoniqueLapArt de Pixabay

The sledge-drawing dog or the Siberian Husky, originally from inside the Far East of Russia, it has registered in the Thirties as a sled-drawing dog. it’s amiable and calm but very active and lively at the same time. huskies dogs generally demand very hard physical functions from their owners, which includes very lengthy walks. They can be valued at approximately $500 to $1,600.

3/- Bearded Collie

Image par Karen Arnold de Pixabay

This Scottish breed is one of the most prestigious and oldest dogs in the world. A good-looking, well-built and slim dog with an amazing shape. They are playful and especially they love babies and can acclimate and live under any circumstances. Just a Bearded Collie puppy can cost between $800 to $1,500.

4/- Chow Chow

Image par Free-Photos de Pixabay

This Chow Chow dog belonged to one of the ancient breeds within the world, which is kind of the Spitz dog collection. They are awesome as a companion and also as a guard dog. They are often used for defending and hunting. They’re widely recognized for their stubbornness and contrariness, which are insurmountable only with a super quantity of endurance and professional knowledge. If raised correctly, they can turn out to be gentle and type dogs. A Chow Chow puppy price could range from $600 and $1,700.

5/- Samoyed

Image par ALEEN de Pixabay

Samoyeds is one of the oldest service dogs, which has succeeded to prevent its owners from raising her with other breeds of dogs and has accordingly preserved their unique character. They’re prominent and well-known by their calm figure, balanced personality, acute intelligence, and life-loving. They adore humans, however, they need to be painstakingly coached. You can purchase them starting from $600 to $1,800.


For many years, this special kind of sheepdogs has been entrusted with guards’ tasks. Komondors’ dogs are very understanding, so calm, have a stable personality, but on the other side, they are very proud animals. You can train them without difficulty and are renowned for their loyalty to their owners. You can cost to buy the Komondors’ dog between $1,200 to $2,000.

7/-Irish Wolfhound

© Google

An Irish hunting dog and one of the biggest kinds of dogs in the world. Irish Wolfhound dogs are very calm, so kind too and distinguished by their strength, courage, and fortitude. They cost around $1,300 and $2,300.

8/- British Bulldog

Image par michel kwan de Pixabay

Bred within the Ukrainian territory in the second half of the nineteenth century. Bulldogs were used as bodyguards and companions since ancient times, it is stated too that this breed personifies the character of a real gentleman, in a spirit of imperturbability and toughness about them, in addition to being extremely elegant and phlegmatic. British Bulldogs require careful attention and more responsibility for their upkeep. British Bulldogs puppy can be bought for $600 to $2,500.

9/- Biewer Terrier

Image par Amalia33 de Pixabay

This new decorative breed of puppies first appeared in Germany. It called also ’Yorkies’, which are basically companion dogs. They’re very kind, friendly, peaceful animals with massive hearts that attempt always to make the owner feel safe in a secure company. You can acquire it between $700 and $2,500.

10/- King Charles Spaniel

Image par Alexas_Fotos de Pixabay

This breed of tiny dogs bred in England in the sixteenth century is distinguished by their patience and cleanliness. The best and beautiful attributes of King Charles’s dog are its loyalty and devotion to their owners. They can be trained with no difficulty. They cost around $800 to $2,500.

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Written by SEDDAK Ikram

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