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10 Invisible Animals Proved That This World Is a Miracle

When you’re very small and powerless, staying hidden from view is a secret to survival.

Some animals appear like they wear Harry Potter’s transparent robe to ensure that their lives were not endangered. Several of them are completely translucent and only their eyes reveal the existence of a living creature underneath those glassy pores. The maximum exciting component is that a number of them were born in a different shape, but have developed their organs skin to complete or partial transparency over time, just like the glass frog and glass octopus.

At Pets-Post we adore exploring the miracles of creation in our Mother Nature, in this article, we gathered information and photos for the most uncommon animals that will give you the desire to touch them with your hands to ascertain that they genuinely do exist.

N°1: The Transparent Blue Tang

The glassy skin appearance of this fish has raised too many questions from Facebook commenters and on other platforms. is this glassy fish real? What size of these “micro” fish? Is she alive or is she dead?

The answer is that what your eyes see is a real fish called Juvenile Surgeonfish. During just a few months, this tiny larval of Acanthuridae species grows up to be approximately 30cm (about 12 inches) long.

The original photographer Kevin Mattson said that he brought back the fish alive into the water, and in seeming perfect condition after the picture was taken.

N°2: La Palma Glass Frog

The glass frog Hyalinobatrachium Valerio or the La Palma glass frog. Whilst the usual skin color of most frogs is often lime green, the ventral skin and pores of some frogs of the Centrolenidae amphibian family are transparent and show clearly the internal organs and the gastrointestinal of the animal but the heart is wrapped with invisible white tissue.

N°3: The Glasswing Butterfly

Unlike other butterflies, the Greta Oto or Glasswing butterfly lacks the well-known colored parts found in other butterflies, as the tissue between their veins in the wings actually resembles glass.

The outer frame of its wings which are used to camouflage the other insects is of a dark brown color and sometimes it tends to be red or orange, while the rest of its body is dark in color.

This beautiful and rare butterfly is located in South America.

N°4: Pleurobrachia Pileus

This cute and attractive being that seems like a small glass ball is known as Pleurobrachia pileus, and also it’s more commonly known as “Sea Gooseberry” which can grow up to be as much as 2.5 cm big. The more exciting part is that this jelly creature has tentacles 20 times longer than its entire body to catch the prey.

N°5: Glass Eels

The European eels or the glass eels change their skin color numerous times for their entire lifespan in the fresh or brackish rivers in Europe.
There is no precise expectancy for these wild ones but this creature lives long mainly when captive between 80 to150 years.
The glass eels begin with a transparent color before changing to the brown and yellow color on their belly and facets.

N°6: Cystisoma Neptuni

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Photo by @SolvinZankl. “See and NOT be seen” seems to be the life motto of the deep-sea amphipod Cystisoma neptuni. The segments of its highly-specialised compound eyes collect rays of light in crystalline cones and lead them to the tips of light-guiding tubes that are connected to the optic nerves. Its transparent body prevents the crustacean from being detected and caught by predators. It is only visible thanks to the special lightning in my photo aquarium. #animals #deepsea #bionic #amphipoda #transparent #plancton #diving #blackwater #crustacean #critter #geo #geomagazin #geomagazine #nature #natgeo #nationalgeographic #natgeode #natgeodeutschland #terramatermagazin #nikonphotographers #nikon #onassignment #photographer #wildlife #wildlifephotography #wildlifephotojournalism #wildlifephotography #solvinzankl #solvinzanklphotography follow @SolvinZankl

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This bizarre creature called “Amphipod Cystisoma Neptuni” can be lived only in the deep of the sea, he took this transparent and camouflaged form to protect himself from the predators. This Amphiod can’t be seen in the water due to their translucent body where we can clearly see it only in pictures due to the flash of the cameras.

N°7: Pharaoh Ants

The pharaoh ants called also Monomorium pharaonis are very small with a size of around 2 mm. These yellow or brown ants are notoriously creatures for being an interior subversive pest, particularly in hospitals. Its origins are not known but it has now been rushed to every place of the world which includes Europe, Australasia, the Americas, and Southeast Asia.

N°8: The Golden Tortoise Beetle

This lovely beetle that appears completely unreal is the golden tortoise beetle, its original name is Charidotella Sexpunctata. It is one of the Chrysomelidae family. The most exciting part is that this beetle adjustment their color according to the situation that it lives, during growing, during the mating season too, but only the adult golden beetles can flip to the red color once they’re stressed.

N°9: The Transparent Snail

This snail called Zospeum Tholussum seems like it’s from another galaxy due to its glassy shell and its translucent pores. It was discovered by researchers in late 2013 inside a cavern in Croatia. This snail is totally blind with a maximum length of 3 mm.

N°10: Physalia physalis

The Portuguese Physalia physalis isn’t a jellyfish despite if it seems like one; it is characterized by their long and strong tentacles and its stings are very poisonous and so painful, fatal to both human beings and other kinds of fishes. There are several sorts of Physalia physalis and the most known is the Atlantic Portuguese type which lives on the shores of the ocean located near Portugal.

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Written by SEDDAK Ikram

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