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Ordinary Foods For Us Can Harm Our Pets

Pets are humanizing. They always remind us that we have a responsibility and obligation to preserve and take care of them during all their lifespan.

Adapted from James Cromwell

Generally, our pets use both senses of smelling and tasting to examine things, but this rule is not applicable to our food because some ordinary ingredients in our meals are very healthy for humans, but can actually end up to be highly toxic substances for them.

Pets-Post has collected ordinary ingredients in our food which can have a nasty effect on the health and safety of our pets.

#1: Chocolate & Coffee

Image par Alexander Stein de Pixabay

Both dogs and cats are more sensitive to the effects of chemicals related to caffeine as theobromine which are the main component of coffee and chocolate. Ingestion dark chocolate and fresh coffee beans cause stronger poisoning to your pet due to the high level of this toxic substance for pets in the raw products.

Depending on the dosage volume, symptoms of fatigue, vomiting, restlessness, arrhythmia will appear quickly and even collapse and death in grave cases.

#2: Apples

Contrary to the green apple, eating the red apples causes acute allergic reactions and skin irritations in dogs. But the question everyone’s asking is: what is the difference between these two fruits? The answer is the chemical compound called Cyanide exists in red apple seeds.
Even seeds of apricots and cherries are composed of Cyanide deemed healthy and very safe for us as humans, whatever the dose ingested but very dangerous for our pet.

Acute vomiting and severe diarrhea are the first signals of poisoning you will notice it. In case eating those seeds, try harder to take your pet to the nearest vet as quickly as possible.

#3: Tomatoes

It’s not all the tomatoes that are dangerous, just some parts of this fruit are not safe for our dogs. Roots, leaves, and unripe tomatoes contain high percentages of a toxic chemical compound called Solanine which destroys red blood cells.
The concentration of this poison in these parts can reach 5% of Tomatine (a form of Solanine) which is quite a lot.

Unlike unripe tomatoes, the red and ripe ones contain a few amounts of Tomatine.

Only one smaller red and ripe tomato per week will ensure that your dog gets all the essential nutrients in this fruit without fear of any dangerous problems.

#4: Onion & Garlic

Image par Shutterbug75 de Pixabay

Vegetables from the Allium family as garlic, onion, leeks, wood garlic, and chives considered as very poisonous food to our cats and dogs.

A small morsel of vegetables that are part of this family will cause total destruction and full rupture to the red blood cells of your pet, as it contains the chemical compound called Propyl Disulfide.

Initial symptoms of poisoning with Propyl Disulfide are not instantaneous but after 2 or 3 days the signs of acute vomiting, nausea, and tachycardia will appear clearly.

#5: Lilies

Our mission is raising awareness so that all pet owners are aware of the risk of this dangerous and poisonous plant.

Some kinds of lilies as Peace and Calla have a very strong influence and cause acute irritation on all tissues of the mouth including pharynx, tongue, and esophagus.

Insoluble Oxalate Crystals are the toxic compound exists in the composition of this plant and the main responsible for the drooling a lot which is the first clinical sign you will observe it on your pet after ingesting this flower.

All parts of this flower are toxic even the water of lilies from the vases.

#6: Grapes & raisins

Both grapes and raisins are tasty and safe fruits for humans, but did you know that it is unhealthy for animals? Strangely, is that the main reasons and the responsible composites of this danger are not identified yet.

Ingesting 0.5 oz of grapes creates a severe renal failure to your pet for unknown reasons.

#7: Raw Eggs

Eggs are considered as one of the richest sources of protein for both humans and animals but at the same time, its shells are an unknown source of Salmonella. Because of that, the length of cooking is a big standard to ensure obtaining all its benefits nutrients and avoiding the risk.

Even if you clean eggs well, this bacteria grows inside. So you shouldn’t have to worry about losing the egg’s protein while cooking, quite the contrary, cooking will make them more digestible.

#8: Avocado

Image par Shutterbug75 de Pixabay Image par engin akyurt de Pixabay

Avocado’s fruit composition contain persin, this poison of plant origin has a fungicidal activity is lethal for our four-legged friends. Only the pit poses a threat to humans, whereas all parts are potentially harmful and poisonous to our dogs.

The lethal quantity of Persin undetermined, however, just a small dose is fatal for your pet and causes heart issues, acute diarrhea, and vomiting.

#9: Ice cream

Image par Valeska Réon de Pixabay

Dogs can not eat ice cream, most especially, the older of them due to the milky mixture saturated with sugar. As animals grow older, they will be severely lactose intolerant. Consequently, they will have gastrointestinal issues, if the ice cream was given to them in large amounts. Sugar also causes dental issues.

#10: Tubular bones

Image par Stefan Glazer de Pixabay

Bones aren’t harmful and not poisonous too but dangerous for health at the same time. When your dog bites bone, it will be crushed to tiny pieces that scratch and injure the stomach and the intestines or sometimes stops in the throat.

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Written by SEDDAK Ikram

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