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After 100 Years, 6 Dogs Looks Totally Different Now

Dogs were our loyal partners for hundreds of years, are you know that some dog breeds don’t look like themselves before 100 years. Many dog breeders have modified a lot of bodily traits in dogs in the final century as size, fur color, and even behaviors.

Pets-Post places a side-by-side comparison of many popular dogs before and after 100 years ago.

#1.Bull Terrier

In the middle of the 19th century, the Bull Terrier dogs breed were good-looking with a skinny torso, a very well-proportioned skull, and stand normally. Today all these features are disappeared: the skull has become convexed on egg-shaped, the jaws have grown and become longer and larger due to the emergence of extra teeth.

#2. English Bulldog

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At the same time as the face of the traditional bulldog had a light wrinkling, today this dog is famous for his more prominent wrinkles with a sizeable quantity of facial excess skin. The chest area has come to be wider, massive, low-slung and shoulders have become wider too.

#3. German Shepherd Dog

The present-day German Shepherd Dog structure is different from his authentic structure, as you could see in photographs the breeders of bloodlines changed German Shepherd Dog to be appreciably large (34 kg to 43 kg). This breed has ended up with a new skeleton and new health troubles due to the disproportionate of both leg bones and the hip socket.

Today German Shepherd Dogs are more prone to hip dysplasia and bloat, a serious condition where the animal stomach can gradually expand with air.

#4. Dachshund

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100 years ago, Dachshunds had short hind legs but useful and functional at the same time, also their necks were too short but all these characteristics are entirely commensurate with their overall body.

Since then, Dachshunds have been bred for shorter legs where their bellies nearly touch the ground. Also, both necks and backs were developed to be longer. This breed is most prone to paralysis affecting his intervertebral discs and threatened by dwarfism-related problems too.

#5. Neapolitan Mastiff

This Italian breed is the more changed, both its bodily and facial old features were erased. Whilst the previous kinds preserved a more mastiff-like look, the old Neapolitan Mastiff appearance can barely be seen underneath his face excess skin. This dog was agile and well-looking. While they are still large and strong, today most of them suffer from problems of obesity.

#6. Shetland sheepdog

Today, the Shetland sheepdogs are bred to be bigger at a minimum of 9kg (20lbs), but in spite of that they still lightweight. The most striking difference is the fur, which has become remarkably longer in comparison with the Shetland sheepdog in 1915.

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Written by SEDDAK Ikram

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