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How Do I Know Which Kitten To Choose?

To some humans, kittens often all seem like the same as compared with the significant and the vast disparities among dogs on the subject of size, length, shape, and appearance. But the truth is, though cats generally tend to fall inside a small domain of size and weight, these differences exist and don’t touch only the physical side, even personality can be very different.

So if you’re thinking about adding a kitten to the family, it’s good that you’re taking the time to figure out what type of cat might be the best match for you. Here are some of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself as you start your search.

#1. Purebred or Mixed Breed?

If you have specific features and traits in mind, and those might include size, coat, color, and temperament, then a purebred kitten may be what you’re looking for. In the contrary case, you’ll be capable to find exactly the kitten designed in your mind by thinking about a combined breed.

What are the causes of preferring one over the other?

A purebred breed gonna cost you extra cash, contrary to mixed kitten or cat.

#2. Are you ready for grooming?

Cats with long hair look gorgeous and more elegant, but you should remember that they require extra maintenance. Often longhair cats have coats covering of fur or hair that mat, so day by day grooming, typically brushing, is an obligation. With some other cats, you may be obliged to the occasional bathing.

#3. Male or Female?

For some cat lovers, the animal’s sex really counts for them and they have a certain tendency and personal preference for one sex over the other for many reasons as the surprise pregnancy but once choosing a neutered or spayed cat the cat’s sex won’t actually matter.

#4. Does Age Matter?

With an aged cat, for the most part, you will just live with the personality and the behaviors that have already gained from the shelter or the rescue organization or the place where she lived before. So if you’re seeking out a selected personality—luxurious, cuddly, playful, etc.—then the adult one is probably the best choice.

In case you select a kitten, then you definitely do have a big possibility to influence and to steer the personality as you want, however, you’ll also have a more time commitment because kittens require extra training and supervision plus the frequent and the successive veterinary checks to get vaccinations initially scheduled and dewormings. If you pick a kitten you’ll often have to do the neuter or spay surgical operation.

#5. Are There Young Children in the Home???

That is an important and essential factor when choosing which cat or kitten would be adequate especially for your babies. Not all cats are better for your children. An adult cat might be anxious and fearful if he wasn’t surrounded by young children before.

With kittens, you have the opportunity to expose them to babies at an earlier age to become familiar with them, although they can be injured more easily. So make sure that your choice corresponds well with your family environment and personalities of your kids.

#6. Do You Already Have Cats at Home?

In case you have already a cat at your house and you want to add more cats to your feline family, try harder to match the new personalities with those previously exist. Definitely you shouldn’t add in a kitten who’s undersocialized or very timid to an extraordinarily assertive cat. So a safe, slow introduction has to pinnacle your to-do list before taking any action.

#7. Do You Already Have Dog at Home?

If you own a dog, is he really cat-friendly? Cautiously think about the way your dog will deal with the new cat. Maintain the safety of all animals bred at home is among the top priorities. Always be greater cautious from combining a big dog and little kitten at the same house.

Don’t expect you understand how your dog will behave or react, due to the fact catastrophe can happen in a fraction of a second, even if you bought a playful dog.

What do you think?

Written by SEDDAK Ikram

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