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How To Act If A Dog Attacked You?

We can run the hazard of facing stray dogs at any moment while we’re outside the home. Most of those dogs are very aggressive and once they seeing the humans, they show unforeseeable behaviors and be extraordinarily dangerous, which poses an immediate threat to our life.

We at Pets-Post have searched the recommendations of scientists and collected cynologists’ guidance on how we maintain our life secure and preventing seriously bitten in the event of an attack.

Keep Calm!

It’s very known that animals in general and dogs, in particular, can easily sense and feel the human dread. But, you can barely resist the panic when a dog attacks you and barking in your face. On the off chance that you shout, wave your arms, or flee, you will surely trigger the animal’s prey instinct and incite him to assault.

Slow Your Steps

In the event that you happen to come across a dog when you are out of your home, try hard to slow down your steps to a walk. Secondly, Turn around in the reverse direction and walk away, yet continue looking him out of the angle of your eye.

Additionally, in the event that you stand totally still with your arms extended alongside the perimeters of your body, the aggressive dog will become bored in you and leave.

Avoid Eye Contact

The direct stare on the eyes of the attacked dog will severely increase his aggressive conduct. This direct contact is deciphered as a direct menace by dogs and incites him to assault. So, in this case, try hard to avoid the direct eye connection with the dog. With this act, the dog will automatically understand that you are not a danger, and he will most likely go.

Distract Him

As a matter of fact, any object at hand or close to you can save you. Throw your shoe, your knapsack, a bottle, or anything to chew to distract the canine for some time and create the opportunity to survive your life and escape.

“Back Away”

In the event that the dog keeps on attacking, face him but don’t forget to “avoid direct eye to eye connection” and order him to go away with a solid and sure voice. The best orders are “Step back” and “No” in a firm tone. The canine will become anxious and frightened.

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Written by SEDDAK Ikram

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