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Step 1: Feed Your Dog

Give your dog food every day because he needs to eat just like you do. Your dog won’t have the energy to run and play and have fun if it’s hungry. Treats are amusement, too, and assists the dog to learn the way to do tricks.

Step 2: Take Your Dog Outside

Taking your dog outside is important. If you don’t, it will use the bathroom on the floor! Continuously walk your canine a couple of times each day on a rope, or give it a lot of time to exercise and go around in your back yard. Make sure it wears a collar with the tags on it, including with your phone number in case it gets lost.

Step 3: Play with Your Dog

Your dog LOVES to play with you! Some dogs like chew toys, some dogs like squeaky toys, and some dogs just like to chase you and get belly rubs. Playing with your dog shows him you love him.

Step 4: Give Your Dog A Bath

Dogs are animals and animals get stinky. They like to roll in the dirt and run through puddles, and don’t even get me started about FLEAS! They will make both you and your dog itchy and MISERABLE! Giving your dog a bath is REALLY important, and don’t forget the flea collar.

Step 5: Remember, Dogs Have Feelings Too

dogs can feel upbeat, miserable, energized, exhausted, adored, forlorn, fun-loving, and sluggish. Your dog will show you how it feels in many ways. By barking, livening up its ears, whimpering, licking, placing its head in your lap, biting on things, and many things. Try to pay attention and understand what your dog is feeling. And never hit or be mean to your dog.

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Written by SEDDAK Ikram

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