How To Deal With Accidents And Prevent Future Ones

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Accidents are inevitable as far as canines are concerned. It is impossible to find one canine, which hasn’t had an accident all his life. Therefore, they may be few, but they will certainly be there. When a house-trained puppy goes for potty, you can use the recommendations mentioned below for effective handling of the situation.

1: If you notice that your dog is eliminating at a location inside the house or any other inappropriate place, then you must interrupt him there and then. Also, command him to go outside and pee or poop.

However, do not punish him. This is the biggest mistake that most dog owners commit. This only encourages the dog to find a more secluded place the next time.

2: If your dog has made spots, clean them using an enzyme-based cleaner. All the spots, whether they are on the floor or the carpet, must be cleaned thoroughly. Refrain from using any ammonia-based products.

While the enzyme action of enzyme-based cleaners ensures that all the microorganisms are broken down completely, the ammonia-based cleaners leave a smell that inspires the dog to use that space for eliminating again.

3: Take your dog out for regular breaks so that he has the opportunity to use the right space for eliminating. However, do not make the mistake of letting him out on his own.

Firstly, you should not leave the puppy alone without supervision. Moreover, a little praise and reward every time he does it right will encourage him to inculcate good behavior as a habit.

4: Allow him some free time outside his crate. However, do restrict him in a particular area to ensure that he is under supervision. Crating him for time, which is longer than what he can take, will trigger anger and annoyance in him.

5: If there have been too many mistakes in the house training sessions, you must take your puppy to the vet. Issues like urinary tract infection and diarrhea may be a cause of home soiling.

You should not consider a dog as housetrained until he has attained the age of 1 year or so. In fact, some dogs can even take longer than that. In most cases, the lapses in the potty training program may be caused by a medical condition.
However, if that is not the case, it is a lapse in your management. Therefore, there may be something that you are not doing right. You can consider introspecting and looking for faults in your training program.

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