❌❌❌ 10 Mistakes You Should Avoid Them In Potty Training ❌❌❌

It is a tough job to potty train your puppy. Mistakes will happen even when you do everything in the right manner.

In Pets-Post, we will highlight at the 10 mistakes that puppy parents make. When you avoid them, you will be a step closer to mastering potty training. The mistake number 10 is the most biggest you should avoid it.

Mistake N°1: Skipping Crate Training

One of the most important pieces of equipment that you need to have at home for your training is a crate. This equipment will also make it easier to potty train him since you can tap into his need to keep his house clean. You can train him without using a crate, but the process will be longer. When you teach him to love his crate, this will also improve his ability to hold onto his pee.


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Written by SEDDAK Ikram

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